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How to Truly Understand Your Customers’ Needs

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the business environment is experiencing significant change and stress, and thus more than ever, B2B marketers must understand their customers’ changing needs. RS Consulting USA provides guidance for how to conduct highly effective voice of the customer (VOC) studies and truly understand your customers’ needs.

Sales Reps in the Digital Age

B2B companies are trying to figure out what digital marketing means for their businesses, but they shouldn’t forget the role of sales reps (as well as in-person support).  Sales reps still have an important role to play, but it may be a different one for the digital age. Getting this “right” is not only critical for properly allocating resources but also for effectively serving the customer and ultimately winning in the marketplace.

Digital Trends Impacting Your Business

B2B marketers face many options and greater risk in today’s digital world – delay and lose to competition, but act rashly and lose resources and time. 3 digital trends – internet of things (IoT), consumerization and new, internet-driven arrangements for sales & supply – are particularly important and should be monitored more closely. Each trend has its own set of issues and potential change for your business model.

Analysis of Negative Space

Taking a close look at what can’t normally be seen is very illuminating, and in marketing, the unseen is primarily competitors’ customers.  In the following article we describe a simple approach to create a view of this Negative Space in order to find sales opportunities with competitors’ customers.

Customer-Centric Strategies for Growth

Too often companies become mired in business as usual and fail to truly understand customer needs. At best this leads to slow growth and average profitability, but it can threaten a company’s survival.  The following case study shows how to develop a customer-centric strategy and get back on track for sales and profit growth.

More Effective Key Account Marketing

Key accounts represent an increasing share of the market and are becoming more demanding.  Many companies create some form of a key account program, but it is usually reactive and often disjointed.  Read about our ideas on how to develop more effective key account programs and “win” in the market place.

Accentuate the Positive & Win More Business

As B2B marketers we often take a company’s strengths for granted and focus more on identifying and fixing its weaknesses, i.e., the “gaps” vs. customer needs and/or competitor performance. This is certainly understandable, but we may be missing an unique opportunity. Why not focus on – and build upon – your company’s strengths as a […]

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