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RS Consulting USA offers a broad range of solutions:

  • New opportunity analysis: Sort new opportunities and prioritize where and how your company should invest to capture the target opportunities
  • New product (or service) concept testing, development, and rollout: Determine which ideas are worth pursuing – and how and where to refine them – to achieve optimum results when you launch
  • Brand assessment and strategies: Assess the importance of brand and your brand’s identity in order to position your brand more effectively and leverage its strengths
  • Pricing assessment and tactics: Make critical pricing decisions based upon an analysis of the importance of pricing, your company’s value to the customer, and its price position
  • New channel evaluation and development: Drive sales growth by identifying and developing new channels of distribution while managing channel conflict
  • Discounts and programs to win with existing channels: Gain channel mind share and push with discounts and programs that are competitive and yet “win-win” for you and your channel partners
  • Sales force effectiveness: Analyze the role, function, and size of your sales force in light of customer needs and market trends, and thereby make your sales people more productive
  • Key Account Marketing Programs: Develop marketing plans for key accounts that enable your sales reps to stay in-touch and informed, present your company’s value, and achieve high share
  • Promotional mix and effectiveness: Assess how well (or poorly) your current mix of promotional and sales tactics is working, and modify/change your mix to increase sales and improve your marketing ROI
  • Customer-centric marketing strategies: Win in the market place by developing and implementing strategies that are aligned with customer buying behaviors and needs
  • Competitor benchmarking and strategies: Gain information and insights about competitor strengths, weaknesses, and business models, and thereby counter threats and take advantage of weaknesses
  • Marketing due diligence for M&A: Evaluate M&A opportunities with a market-based analysis of the target company (or companies) and potential synergies
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty: Discover what your customers really think of your performance – plus what could strengthen their loyalty and boost their spend

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