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As your business grows RS Consulting USA can be a single point of contact and trusted provider of marketing information, insights, and advice for your initiatives.

RS Consulting USA started in 1985 as The Richmark Group, a research-based consulting firm specializing in B2B and high-end consumer markets (then as now). Our roots are channels marketing, but over time we expanded our services to cover the full range of clients’ marketing issues and opportunities.  We strongly believe that our advice and a client’s business decisions should be based upon an in-depth understanding of customers, competitors and the market.

With our marketing research experience we can recommend and implement the research methodology most appropriate for your project.  Conducting in-depth interviews (a.k.a., executive interviews) is a core competency of the firm and an excellent fit for clients facing challenging and complex issues.

While high-quality research is important, RS Consulting USA also applies marketing expertise and consulting experience to deliver unique insights, in-depth understanding and actionable recommendations.  Consulting combined with research, we believe, enables our clients to make better business decisions.

Lastly, RS Consulting USA was agile before agile was a “thing”.  Throughout a project we work with clients to make course corrections and thereby deliver more meaningful results and recommendations.

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