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Extensive Research Tools

RS Consulting USA offering includes the following research methodologies and techniques:

  • Brand awareness measurement and identify mapping: Enhance your brand message and strategy by obtaining valuable insights on where and why your brand is strong or weak
  • Buyer behavior & decision making process: Empower your marketing strategies through greater insight into why and how customers buy
  • Channel mapping: Create a comprehensive map of the different channels and their served markets to ensure market coverage and effective channel management
  • Market segmentation: Gain a clear picture of the segments of your market and how best to approach each one in marketing, channel and business planning terms
  • Market sizing and forecasting: Gauge the size and opportunities of your marketplace and make business decisions with greater confidence
  • Marketing Dashboard: Develop a concise, real-time picture of your company’s marketing performance and thereby take quick action when needed
  • Mystery Shopping: Improve the customer experience by benchmarking the customer touch points of your company and competitors
  • Pricing methodologies: RS Consulting USA employs a range of pricing methodologies (e.g., Price Sensitivity Measurement and Brand Price Trade Off) to accurately measure price levels and truly understand what drives pricing behaviors and thereby providing critical information for tough pricing decisions
  • Trade-off methodologies: RS Consulting USA has experience and expertise with numerous trade-off methodologies, including all varieties of conjoint as well as Simalto Plus, an unique methodology based upon neural net principles. We can creatively apply the right trade-off methodology to address product development, customer segmentation, pricing, or customer satisfaction issues/opportunities
  • Various research techniques: such as in-depth interviews (both face-to-face or via the telephone), structured telephone interviews, Web surveys, and focus groups
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